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Ways To Use Safely - Internal, Topical, and Aromatic Essential Oil Application

Make the most of your essential oil stash

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Hey, everybody! If you're here, you've probably been hanging around my education group for a while. Maybe you even grabbed a starter kit at one time and can't remember what to do with those amber beauties you've accumulated.

I feel like it's a great time for a refresher. Seasons change, needs change, things can fall by the wayside. Let's dig in to the basic ways we can use essential oils every day and rekindle our love for DIYing naturally.


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How to Apply Topically

Applying essential oils right where you need them makes daily use so simple. The gentlest oils like Lavender and even Frankincense can be used “neat” (without dilution) when you need acute support right away. This works best for adults and more experienced users - listen to your body.

Diluting your oils can be as simple as adding a drop to your lotion or moisturizer at night. Other methods are using a carrier oil. You can do this by making a roller bottle or applying oils and carrier straight into your palms and then applying to the area(s) of concern.

Roller bottles make diluting and using easy (just remember to label your roller) so you can apply throughout the day as you think of it.



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How to Use Internally

Using Certified Pure Tested Grade oils internally is a great way to aid a systemic response and support your health from the inside out. Make sure you read your label to ensure the oil you’re choosing is approved for internal use.

The easiest way to get those oils in your body is to use them in your cooking or to simply add your favorite citrus oil to your water glass. Grapefruit is my personal favorite!

You can drop oils under your tongue for immediate absorption. Steer clear of “hot” oils for this method. A great all-around choice for sublingual application is Copaiba. It’s gentle, yet powerful enough to support all your body systems and can be quite comforting.

Want to try oil combinations for daily use? Veggie capsules are the way to go. Simply add the drops to one side of the capsule, add IQ Mega if you’d like to dilute it, then squish on the other side of the capsule and swallow it with water.



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How to Use Aromatically

I love this method of using my oils. Smelling them straight from the bottle is so helpful when you need a minute to get a spinning mind under control.

Adding a drop to your hands and inhaling from your palms is a wonderful exercise to be mindful of your breathing, to ground yourself, or to find your second wind for the afternoon crunch.

Popping oils into your diffuser is a wonderful way to share the benefits with everyone in the room, refresh the air, and to set the mood.

Do you have a favorite diffuser combination that you’re drawn to? Comment below - I'm always looking for new recipes ;)






Tl;dr - watch the video below to make the most of your Essential Oil Stash by using them safely every way, every day.

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